Researcher in Residence

During data collection at one school, Katie Wright-Bevans had the opportunity to speak to two Year 10 students about what it is like to conduct research. The students were looking to carry out their own piece of research as part of their course, wanting to explore the issue of cyber bullying in their school through the use of questionnaires. They were able to observe one of the data collection sessions at Time 2 and spoke to Katie following the session.

The students were keen to share their ideas as well as hear more about what it is like to conduct psychological research in the real world. Katie spent time discussing ethical issues surrounding research, focusing on issues such as consent, confidentiality and anonymity. As the students had just observed a data collection session Katie was able to demonstrate how ethical issues were handled by the researchers in the present study.

Katie also talked about research design and participant recruitment, the students were keen to know how they could get others interested in taking part in their study. Some time was also spent discussing the implications and applications of psychological research. Katie talked about why it is important to look at what your study hopes to achieve and how the research findings could be used showing how rewarding the experience can be.

Katie thoroughly enjoyed the chance to chat to the students and wishes them the best of luck with their study on cyber bullying.

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