BPS Developmental Psychology Section Conference 2012 Presentations

Please feel free to download a copy of our presentations from the BPS Developmental Section conference in Glasgow.

Development of a Humour Styles Questionnaire for Younger Children

Laughing Together, Joking Apart

Humour Styles as Moderators and Mediators of the Relationship Between Peer Victimisation and Internalizing.

Other titles in the symposium included:

Paper 1 Mireault, G., & Sparrow, J. What’s so funny? Social referencing in young infants’ discovery of humour

Paper 2 Reddy, V., Pratt, S., & Batchelder, S. Comic narratives in infancy.

Paper 3 Hoicka, E. Butcher, J., Malla, F., & Harris, P. L. Children base trust on speakers’ current intentions rather than past behaviours

Paper 4 Gattis, M., Hoicka, E., Abel, K., Sperotto, R., Sakkalou, E. Humour as a proving ground for children’s understanding of reference.

Gina Mireault’s research was covered during the conference by UK newspaper, The Telegraph, ‘Babies learn humour from parents‘.


We would love to know your thoughts on our research.

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