Project Presentations


Hunter, S.C. (2014). Humour and young people’s involvement in bullying. Invited seminar, York St John University, 30 April. OPEN ACCESS HERE:

Fox, C. L., Hunter, S. C., Jones, S. E. (2014, Sep). The relationship between peer victimization and children’s humor styles: It’s no laughing matter! In an invited symposium chaired by Claire Fox, ‘Risk and Protective Factors for Bullying and Peer Victimisation’, at the BPS Developmental Section Conference, Amsterdam. 

Jones, S.E., Fox, C., & Hunter S. (2013). Bullying and belonging: A longitudinal study of the protective role of defenders in children’s friendship groups. Talk presented to the BPS Developmental Section, Reading, UK (September).


16th European Developmental Psychology Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, 3rd-7th September 2013


EDP Conference Sep 2013 2

Internal Seminar, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, March 20th, 2013

 Friends Like These: The Role of Friendship Groups in the Maintenance and Resistance of School Bullying.

Ganging Up or Sticking Together_brookesseminar

University of Strathclyde Internal Seminar,Glasgow, UK,  March 14th, 2013

LMAO? Longitudinal Relationships Between Humour and Involvement in Bullying.

Strathclyde 2013 seminar2 (1)

BPS Division of Educational and Child Psychology, 2013, Bristol, UK

Sian Jones presented a talk on our research methodology at the above conference.

Feel free to download a copy of the presentation, below.

“I’m Being Called Names and I’m Being Hit”: Methodological Challenges of Research on Bullying With Children.

BPS Developmental Section Conference, 2012, Glasgow, UK

Claire Fox and Sian Jones chaired a symposium on humour in social developmental psychology at the above conference, while Lucy James and Joanne Page presented a poster.

Please feel free to download a copy of our presentations from the BPS Developmental Section conference in Glasgow.

Development of a Humour Styles Questionnaire for Younger Children

Laughing together, Joking Apart

ISHS Conference, 2012, Krakow.

Claire Fox and Sian Jones presented work on on the ESRC project, on 28th June, 2012 to researchers at The 24thConference of the International Society of Humor Studies. A copy of the presentations, in PDF format, may be downloaded  from here:

Humor Styles and Bullying in Schools

Laughing Together , Joking Apart: The Role of Humor in Children’s Friendship Groups

Staffordshire University Visiting Researcher Talk

Claire presented work on humour styles in children thus far, and on the ESRC project, on 1st December, 2011, to researchers at Staffordshire University’s School of Psychology. A copy of the presentation, in PDF format, may be downloaded  here: How do children use humour?

BPS Developmental Section 2011 Poster Presentation

We will present the results of our pilot study at the BPS Developmental Section conference at Northumbria University, Newcastle, from 7th-9th September, 2011.

You can dowload the presentation (as a powerpoint file) from the link below:

Developmental Section 2011 Humour Styles and Bullying Poster


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