Hayley Gilman


Hayley has recently completed her MSc dissertation in Child Social Psychology that explored the explicit and implicit associative effects of celebrities on children’s and adolescents’ brand attitudes. The main focus of her research was to examine both explicit and implicit responses that children make when a celebrity is used to promote a fictitious brand, to observe how persuasive visual advertisements truly are to young children. This followed a three year degree at Keele University, where Hayley also chose to work with children for her final year dissertations in both Psychology and Sociology. Hayley is interested in pursuing a PhD in Psychology, and is keen to continue working within the school environment, working further with children.


Hayley is also working as a Research Assistant on another project examining whether groups view new members who are religious as desirable or undesirable. Her role involves distributing and collecting a survey, coordinating paying participants, and inputting the data in SPSS.  Furthermore it will involve conducting an experiment with participants in a laboratory setting.


Both of these posts follow from involvement in research projects whilst completing her MSc qualification. Hayley worked with a team who were addressing the effectiveness of the Arch domestic violence intervention programme and, furthermore, assisted with some of the data collection in the pilot study for the current Bullying and Humour Styles research. This is a project which she is very pleased to be a part of, as it gives the opportunity to widen her skills in working with children within the school environment.



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