Lucy James

Lucy is currently in her final year studying Psychology and English at Keele University and is enjoying beginning to write her dissertation. She has an interest in teaching Psychology but has recently decided she would like to stay on at Keele to study for a Masters’ degree in child social development, due to her enthusiasm and interests in this area. Lucy has been involved with data collection in schools on a project which investigated children’s attitudes towards domestic violence and looked at the effectiveness of an intervention programme which promoted healthy relationships. She was also very pleased to be awarded a BPS Research Assistantship allowing her to work with Claire Fox on the pilot study for the humour and bullying project. This was a great opportunity which allowed Lucy to get valuable experience conducting research in schools and collating and analysing data. The aim of her dissertation is to develop a valid humour styles questionnaire for use with younger children under the age of eleven; she has recently delivered this questionnaire to school children in two local primary schools.  The questionnaire also included a measure of children’s self perceived social competence and measures of humour appreciation and creation using cartoon pictures. She is thoroughly enjoying being part of the humour and bullying project.


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