Simon Hunter


Tel: + 44(0)141 548 4879

Simon is the Co-Investigator on the ESRC Humour and Bullying Project.

Simon started work at Strathclyde in March of 2003 while writing up his PhD. In 2004 he became a lecturer and in 2011 a Senior Lecturer. His PhD and MRes dissertations both looked at the experiences of victimised children and young people, with a focus on how they interpret their situation, how they cope, and their psychological wellbeing. In between his MRes and his PhD he also worked for 6 months in Seville, Spain, on a pan-European bullying project headed by Prof Peter K Smith (Goldsmiths). After his PhD, Simon pursued his interest in peer-victimisation by examining how this issue linked with perceptions of discrimination and ethnic/religious identity: This study was funded by the ESRC in 2005/06, and his co-investigators were Prof Kevin Durkin (Strathclyde), Prof Christine Howe (Cambridge), and Dr Derek Heim (Central Lancashire). In addition to the Humour and Bullying study, Simon is currently developing a diary methodology for recording children and young people’s aggressive interactions, and this is in collaboration with Prof Jim Boyle (Strathclyde), Prof Rosario Ortega (Cordoba, Spain), and Dr Paz Elipe (Jaen, Spain). He also enjoys secondary data analysis, and has two large data sets under the microscope at present. The first is from 5,000+ adolescents and relates to a range of health indicators and social behaviours, including bullying (with Prof Jim Boyle, Prof Kevin Durkin, Dr Susan Rasmussen, and Dr Josie Booth, all Strathclyde). The second is from 8,000+ adults and relates to individuals’ positive psychological wellbeing, physical health, perceptions of social and environmental incivilities, and social capital (with Dr Derek Heim, Central Lancashire, and Dr Russell Jones, Glasgow Centre for Population Health).


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