Sirandou Saidy Khan

Sirandou has recently completed her MA dissertation in Criminology that explored the extent to which the restorative justice approach to transitional justice is a useful way of accounting for and addressing human rights violations. The main focus of her research was the work of the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission that was established to investigate allegations of violent crimes against humanity and human rights violations during the apartheid regime. Sirandou is interested in pursuing a PhD in either Criminology or Psychology. Her areas of interest in Criminology are state/organised crime with an emphasis on human rights issues or gender issues. In Psychology, she is interested in the health issues affecting British Minority Ethnic (BME) groups, African Caribbean men in particular. Sirandou is currently working as a Research Assistant on another project designed to assess the health literacy levels of male diabetes sufferers aged 18 to 30 from any ethnic origin and males of any age from a South Asian background in the Stoke on Trent area. Her role involves participant recruitment, data analysis and liaising with stakeholders in the project.  This post follows on from her involvement in a research project about the experiences of “Overseas Nurse in the UK” with Dr Emee Estacio at Keele University. Sirandou acts as volunteer for North Staffs mind as a mentor/befriender of individuals with mental health issues, which she finds very rewarding. Throughout her undergraduate degree programme, she volunteered as a mentor for Keele University. This role as a mentor for widening participation (WP) involved sensitising prospective students about the potential benefits of higher education. Sirandou is very pleased to be joining the ESRC Humour and Bullying research team because it will give her valuable experience of conducting research with children in schools.


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